Without deliberation plans come to nothing.
Plans succeed where counsellors are many.

The Proverbs 15:22


About  TAX PRESTIGE Sp. z o.o.

Tax Advisory Office IUSTA has been on the market since 2004, providing tax advisory services for the domestic companies as well as the companies operating internationally. In order to meet the market demand, we broaden the scope of services by the highest quality accounting and HR-payroll services. To this end, the company TAX PRESTIGE Sp. z o.o. was set up. Thanks to the comprehensive, professional service we aim at becoming one of the leading offices providing the accounting and HR-payroll services. Our services are provided at the highest level by highly qualified specialists. The services are also provided for the entities with international links or operating on the international market. As the name indicates, our company belongs to the exclusive offices that were created for the Entrepreneurs valuing high quality of services, safety and professional service.

Motto of our company operation is comprehensiveness. We ensure accounting, tax and legal assistance. Our aim is to participate in the economic operations of companies as a professional partner, who will ensure optimum and safe carrying out of the business in the three below listed areas. We are differentiated with distinctness of the mass accounting services available on the market. The distinctness consists in modern methods of management with the processes, where among the typical activities it is worth noting the three areas:

1.      Active maintenance of the books of account.

2.      Tax and legal advisory.

3.      Double-control system.

Active maintenance of the books of account consists in staying ahead of the Entrepreneur’s expectations. It means maximum making use of the knowledge of the person responsible for maintenance of the books of account in assisting the decision processes of the Management Board or the Companies’ Owners. It is a full analysis of the books of account, the economic events and any risks to the operating and financial operations of the entity so as to propose the adequate actions.

Tax and legal advisory is a service rarely found as a supplement to maintenance of the books of account. The processes taking place in a company will be verified from the point of view of the legal and tax regulations. The company will indicate the areas in which it is possible to apply tax optimization and will present proposals of tax favourable solutions. Our next asset is also legal assistance. We prepare agreements, analyse contracts from the point of view of risks and we carry out legal economic processes.

Double-control system consists in creating of a system and procedures for checking of the work of the person whom maintenance of the books of account was entrusted with. Thus, it requires building of a vertical system of hierarchy of persons with the adequate experience and professional knowledge. The double-control system is aimed at maximum minimalizing of the possibility of an error occurring both in the scope of accounting as well as in the area of taxes.

A review of the books of account and documentation by other experienced person from a different point of view may cause noticing of new dangers. In short, the system is joining, cumulating of experience of the specialists in the field of accountancy, finances and taxes.